Renata Laranjo


Renata Laranjo

giving different dynamics to objects and places

Renata Laranjo

the interior designer reinterprets ways of being, experiences

Renata Laranjo

balance is all we need…
about me


From 1998 to 2016 Renata Laranjo was the CO- Owner, Product / Concept Manager for the Tableware Brand Silverfield, nowadays with 8 Stores at the Best shopping centers in Portugal, and has also developed Interior Design Projects for Hotels and Residences.
During this last 18 years traveling all over the World, visiting and participating in exhibitions in different continents, establishing strong relationships with new providers trying to find the most different, exclusive special materials and details, have improved dramatically the work prespective and the whole interior design experience.

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From the balance of objects, textures and colors, Renata Laranjo finds the perfect way to start her creation. The space appeals to instincts and constant knowledge …
New Projects

Cua Cua Club – Quinta do Lago – Algarve